As someone who loves variety and nature, the small-town life on Haida Gwaii is the perfect place to engage in creative pursuits in the great outdoors with like-minded individuals. Join me!

Sitting under the oak tree in our yard. Where I go for inspiration.


I am a teacher-on-call with School District 50 in addition to other outdoor education roles, and when not at these jobs I offer the following services:

  • writing & storytelling: personal writing, storytelling workshops, speaking engagements and private contracts
  • outdoor education & nature connection: from classroom students to weekend nature walks for adults, I love plants and animals and exploring the world around me with others
  • painting: now that I once again have studio space, I can get back to working on large, abstract, textured paintings that draw inspiration from the wild world. I take custom commission work with no pressure to purchase (someone always does!). Stay tuned for photos!
  • coaching & mentoring: I would love to help you organize your business and time so that you can live a life of freedom and creativity! Let’s talk about it.
  • permaculture design: using nature’s cycles, plants suited to your specific bioregion, and local building materials to create gardens, yards and structures that produce abundance and require minimal time and energy once established. Go nature!

If any of the above topics interests you, I’d love to connect! Please leave a comment on my blog, or get in touch with me through email at I look forward to hearing from you!