My life is most meaningful when I am out in nature. Being immersed in the wild world is setting me free to discover who I truly am and where we have all come from.

I design my life to be in the wild as much as possible.


I harvest mushrooms and forage for edibles along B.C.’s west coast and inland, picking up stories to tell along the way. It is a simple way of living—out of my car with a tent, stove, and backpack—yet it is full of adventure, and, for me, is the way it’s supposed to be.

Home camp is currently Haida Gwaii.  From there I roam for weeks at a time through the magnificent landscapes of British Columbia.  The call to share what moves me, changes me, and inspires me along the way is humungous!

I am learning that I feel most alive when I pull stories from the marrow of Mother Earth; it feels like my greatest need to offer them to others so that they can be regenerated in her love and power—to rekindle some of the awe that is often forgotten amidst our busy, technocratic lives.

From the ancient tradition of the storyteller, I share living tales, imbued with the very essence of the wild world.  I believe that stories have the power to bring us back to our roots, our belonging, our place. This is, after all, what we each long for.

Stories—shared with others using all the senses, with the heart fully engaged—have the ability to remind us of our humanity, and to rekindle our kinship with the living earth that nurtures us.  I truly believe that stories can show us how to heal our disconnection from nature.  They can show us how to become passionate stewards of the sacred circle of life of which we are a part.

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